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How to use DirectX Happy Uninstall?

A large number of facts have proved that DirectX Happy Uninstall can fix all the the PC problems raised by DirectX error.

DirectX Happy Uninstall easy to use, with a few easy steps it can help you uninstall current DirectX and reinstall DirectX to a correct & original version!

1. Main Interface:

DirectX Happy Uninstall automatic detects which version of DirectX is on your system, and show the result in the main interface. DHU also check the latest updated version of DirectX from the internet and provides a "Get New" button to help you connect to the internet and download it.

DHU provides three buttons that allow you to easily use the windows Internal tool on the main interface: Dxdiag, Dxdiag x64, SysInfo.

Dxdiag and Dxdiag x64 help you troubleshoot DirectX-related issues. Dxdiag used for 32bit system, Dxdiag x64 only used for 64bit system.

SysInfo help you view system informations.

2. Backup Feature:

In order to maintain the Windows DirectX core components, DirectX Happy Uninstall provides Backup Feature to backup the DirectX core components from your Windows.

Click the [Start Backup] button, DHU will popup a message dialog:

After you click the OK button, DHU will automatic check the free disk space from your PC, if there is enough free disk space, then DHU will start working. The finished screenshot is below:

3. Restore Feature:

If your DirectX core components is corrupted or you get other unexpected errors raised by DirectX, then you can use DHU's Restore Feature to restore the DirectX from a backup. Before do a restore, you must make sure that you have a backup copy of DirectX.

Click the [Next] button, DHU will popup a dialog, see below:

Select a valid backup from the lists, and click the [Restore] button, then DHU will start restore the DirectX from this backup.

4. Disc-Rollback Feature:(Only for registered users)

Using the DHU's Disc-Rollback Feature is the most exciting thing, It will first uninstall the DirectX core components from your Windows, and then install a original core component of DirectX on your PC from the Windows Setup Disc. This can make your DirectX just like the first installed.

A large number of facts have proved that DirectX Happy Uninstall can fix all the the DirectX problems by Disc-Rollback feature.

Click the [Next] button, DHU will popup a folder dialog, see below:

After you select the correct directory, DHU will automatically uninstall DirectX and then reinstall DirectX from the Window Setup Disc.

Tips: If you don't have a physical Windows Setup Disc to do Disc-Rollback, you can also mount a Windows Setup images(.iso) via virtual drive tool instead of it. Either way, you must ensure that the Disc is a standard Windows Setup Disc, not a Ghost Image.

5. Full-Install Feature:

If you have an older version of DirectX Update on your PC, then this feature can help you install a new version of DirectX Update to your PC.

Click the [Next] button, DHU will automatically detect the current version of Windows, and then prompt the user how to do, please follow the prompts to do.

6. Help/Register Feature

It will show version informations about DirectX Hanppy Uninstall. DHU only open full feature for registered user, you can register DirectX Happy Uninstall via this [Register] button.

Click the [Register] button, DHU will popup a register dialog, see below:

Click [BuyNow] button to link to a online order form to buy DHU. Online order form is 100% secure.

After purchased, return to this dialog, type your user ID and Registration code and click [Confirm] to finished register DHU.

Download DirectX Happy Uninstall to fix your DirectX problems, click here!

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